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ShapeOko CNC Milling Machine

It’s no big mystery that old wet plate photographic equipment is scarce, and the pieces that have lasted this long are nothing you want to put a plate dripping with silver nitrate into.

So, for the next few weeks I’m building a Stock ShapeOKO CNC Milling machine. What is a CNC Machine? It’s a computer guided precise router, drill, laser or 3D extruder. Design in a CAD program, export it, designate how the computer translates the machine to your work and let it rip. When set properly, the mill will create accurate real world models out of your 3D File.

If all goes well I’ve got a few wet plate camera/accessory, darkroom and general photography designs in mind. Pardon the milling posts, however because the whole ShapeOKO is built on open source hardware, software and a giant community of people who share their findings, my own findings will make their way here.

But it won’t be too long until I’m at the point of getting into camera and accessory building with the mill.

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