ShapeOKO – Build Update #1

ShapeOKO Arrived, boom. Here’s the dining room table. We operate tonight.


My Dining Room Table

My Dining Room Table

Some more thoughts/observations after the jump…

 It may look pretty bad, but it’s only one product… In 27 parts. Maybe more. Everything seems to be here from the promised tools to the hardware, electronics and rotary tool for the basic milling.

Some observations:

1. The product page warns of a possible seven day lead time, however I ordered it Friday, it shipped the following Monday and I received it Wednesday. No problem, if you order one of these you’ll want the time to learn as much as you can about the product, assembly, upgrades, problems and read the forums a few times.

2. It comes in a plain box, nothing fancy. A parts list and a welcome letter. The installation instructions are all online.

3. Since there are so many different versions of ShapeOKO from a wooden version to the current steel version, there’s a lot of photos and descriptions out there. I was expecting to get a project box for the Arduino controller but one didn’t come. Instead you’re expected to tape it to the emergency switch. The Arduino (and GRBL Shield) needs good air flow, you may wish to make sure you keep your motor leads long so that you can keep the Arduino away from sawdust and plastic shavings. I’m certainly going to have to design a project box for it with fan cooling.

4. The Arduino is supposed to come pre-configured. Mine did not. Thankfully I have some prior knowledge with working on the Arduino platform and I recognized the factory default ‘Blink’ program as soon as I hooked it up. If you hook up your Adruino and GRBL to your computer and don’t get the $ GRBL configuration (Once you install the Arduino Drivers first) you may need to load the program yourself. Basically you need the GRBL hex program and a program to upload it. I used XLoader. Just make sure you have the latest GRBL program. And in the future you may need to update GRBL anyway, so it may be good that you might need to load this yourself.





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