Camera Design: Update 8, Holder Door

Just a quick update regarding one side of the plate holder. We’ve already made the plexiglass plate ‘tray’ which is what holds the plate inside of the holder (Link). I decided that I wanted to do the door next, I made a frame to go around the plexiglass tray and the door fits perfectly. Well, I put a little extra room on the pocket of the door for whichever way I use the hinges to swing it out of the way.

This photo is a terrible and suddenly condensated cell phone shot, if you look carefully you’ll see the frame on the left with a lip around the inside edge. The door on the right has a recess to take this edge. When painted flat black (and possibly fitted with felt somewhere around the door) it should be pretty light-proof. The door itself needs a leaf spring cut that will apply pressure to the back of the plate. That will be a milled piece of aluminum sheet screwed to the inside back of the door.

As these are only prototypes, in the future I will change the thickness of the door, the thickness of the frame and instead of a large piece of plexiglass the size of the holder, I will put a lip inside the frame to take plexiglass inserts. Quarter plate, sixth, ninth and custom sizes. This will also make it easier to attach my hinges with screws.

Plate Holder Door, Dry Fitted

Plate Holder Door, Dry Fitted

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